Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I think I am really bad at keeping commitments!! I really not am, when it comes to keeping up commitments with people around, but it seems, I am unable to keep up commitments I make to myself. So, in this blog, after March, comes June:(...almost July.

And I have realised one thing- if I do not keep my blog active, then there is a chance that blogger might actually put it off or give away my blog name to somebody else!! - well, I haven't read that anywhere, but, whenever I remember my blogs after ages, blogger says such a blog does not exist, and the name is available!

Anyway, it's not that we have not worked at all from March to June - our website was overhauled, and we had a couple of projects to complete, and an issue of the children's magazine to be published; only I did not have time enough to post updates either in about.com's design pledge page, or in this blog.

I hope to update things as soon as possible...well, I hope!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Design -March 29, 2010

After 18th January comes 29th March !! - That's what this blog seems to suggest !!
Well, I was too busy with loads of problems (who ain't ? ), and most importantly, overhauling our own website. We hope to bring the new look on soon.

Meanwhile, I spent a couple of hours today ( a Monday afternoon !! - oh...isn't it supposed to be the most busy day of the week? ) ....anyway, back to where I was...I designed a new header for my recipe blog, and I am quite happy about it....and here it comes :

Check out the full size image at http://icookthisway.blogspot.com

I used Photoshop, a free stock photo from stock exchange , a couple of free fonts and slices of my own recipe photographs to make the design.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daily Design Pledge 18th January 2010


Here's my post for 18th January. I tried to make a couple of logos for my website.
Software use: Photoshop.

Here's the post at About.com:

Daily Design Pledge 9th -17th January 2010

Hello All,

I know the title of my post may be raising a brow or two ...:) but yes, this post today is a small collage of what I did those 9 days and before ! I design, illustrate and publish a free Children's web magazine in Bengali, and was busy bringing out its latest issue. I really did not find any time to spend on any extra design ideas, except that of my magazine. So I attach here a collage of the page design of the current issue as well as some of the illustrations I did not the magazine.

The magazine can be viewed at http://www.ichchhamoti.org

Here's the page at About.com:

Friday, January 8, 2010

Daily Design Pledge 08 January 2010

I made a greeting card today , where I have used a photograph as the base of the greeting card.

I have taken the snap myself.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Daily Design Pledge 07 January, 2010

Today is the first day to keep my Daily Design Pledge !!

So here's something I designed in about half an hour. I used the various custom shapes available under the custom shape tool of Photoshop to design a banner/ poster ( though a horizontal one) , in line with the Copenhagen Summit, on the theme of Environment protection. Shouldn't it be the foremost pledge of all individuals in the new year ?

I am , however, not happy with the text warp. I know it could be managed better in some vector graphic software.

I'd be happy to get feedback on the work.

Link at about.com: