Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I think I am really bad at keeping commitments!! I really not am, when it comes to keeping up commitments with people around, but it seems, I am unable to keep up commitments I make to myself. So, in this blog, after March, comes June:(...almost July.

And I have realised one thing- if I do not keep my blog active, then there is a chance that blogger might actually put it off or give away my blog name to somebody else!! - well, I haven't read that anywhere, but, whenever I remember my blogs after ages, blogger says such a blog does not exist, and the name is available!

Anyway, it's not that we have not worked at all from March to June - our website was overhauled, and we had a couple of projects to complete, and an issue of the children's magazine to be published; only I did not have time enough to post updates either in about.com's design pledge page, or in this blog.

I hope to update things as soon as possible...well, I hope!!

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